Tuesday, September 8, 2009

T Shirt Remod

My roomate Jim wanted a tank top for the gym,
so here's the trial run. I cut out the armholes and
neck, removed the pocket, then bound the
edges with strips from another butchered tee.
Add an iron-on transfer (probably illegally
obtained from the interwebs) and there you go.From
a plain pocket tee to a snazzy tank top in three easy
steps. Well, there were more steps, I had him try it on
a couple times in the process. He's super picky about the
fit of his clothes, so I cut down the holes a bit at a time
so to get it where he wanted it. It was easy, so I'll be making more for him. Next is one with the Sackboy


  1. I like it, now only if I can get one with a Stargate SG-1 logo. Or is that super dorky?

  2. Not super dorky, even though I somehow stopped watching Stargate. Maybe if you chose DS-9....


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