Saturday, May 30, 2009

What I Got In The Swap

Here's me and the tote I got in the Thrift Store purchase swap. It matches the shirt I wore! It's big and roomy, I had Tara's lap quilt in there plus the regular takealongs. There is a center divide, and she used the shirt pocket on the inside of the bag. Neat!

Towel Wrappers For The Whole Family

I made these for my ex Bill and his new family. He met his sweetheart through I think, and is getting married again. I'm real happy he found someone, he deserves happiness more than almost any one I know.  Bill sent me the towels a while back to make into wraps for the gym. When he got engaged, I decided to do one for each of this new family: Bill, Deb, and his new daughter Sophie, who is five or six. The striped towel I used for the hood was on hand, and what do you know, Landa still had the matching bath size towel, which she donated for the trim on the rest. And the three hearts on Sophies towel stand for the three of them. I hope they like them, but I know Bill appreciates anything I make.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Weirdest Found Silverware Yet

I can't figure out how this spoon got that way. A car ran over one side and rolled it, then the spoon flips and another car rolls the other half of the spoon bowl the opposite way? Someone rolled it up on purpose and threw it out the window while driving down Audelia Road? Is it some king of drug ingestion device? Someone hates soup? It exists simply to puzzle me?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Free, Free, Totally Free Samples

I just got my free samples in the mail, these are some terrific little glue dots. She sends samples of different types; high and low profile, heavy and light stickyness, and some removeable ones. They are so cool, I've already used a bunch. I will definitely try to fit these into my budget when the money tree gets ripe.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thrift Store Quilt Swap

I just finished this tote for a swap. The deal was to buy a thrift store shirt with 5 or more colors and transform it into something quilted. I loved the giant burnt orange flowers on this fabric, and the shirt was only $1! For the trim, I used fabric from a blouse I made two years ago. It never fit right, thus was worn once only, so I cut it up. The fabric from that blouse came from, you guessed it, my Fairy Craftmother Landa. Beautiful fabric, too nice to have no future hanging in my closet as a reject blouse.  Instead of batting, I used part of the sweatshirt I bought to make the cat hoodie. For the handles I used blue webbing from an old tote bag covered with fabric.  The trim arose from the need to cover seams in the thrift store blouse, so I used the divisions for different quilt patterns. The outline quilting on one panel doesn't read well, though. It was a fun swap, can't wait to see what I get!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hurry Hurry, Hurry and Maybe You'll Win

You must drop everything you're doing and sign up for this giveaway. These papers are so much more gorgeous than they look below. Maybe one of us will win! What have you won in contests? Me? A pair of tickets to Tom Jones, a movie soundtrack (with cool French music, wish I could remember the name of the movie), Comic Relief video tape, and movie tickets come to mind.
Here's the link, yall.

The Saga of the Knife Found in Parts

Here's an assembly of some stuff I found on my walks around Audelia Road. I put them in a frame whose glass I had broken, and it finished quite nicely. (I must tell you that the large square on the right is a little different now, I removed the nuts with pennies and the fork portion.)

Now here is the crazy part. I still pick up a lot of junk from the sidewalks, lately more metal objects than colorful ones. About three months ago, I found this knife with it's tip broken off, and believe it or not, yesterday I found the tip of the same knife!!! It is an exact match...what are the chances of that? They were found about a city block apart. Maybe I'm easily impressed (which is true) but this just boggles my mind. What do you think?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Biggest Bargain Ever

I found 2009 calendars at WalMart marked down to five cents each. I bought 17 calendars, fodder for all kinds of future projects. Come back to see what becomes of these gems!!

I hung three of them next to my Katrina Quilt, the months were chosen because the red in the pics looks good next to my quilt, but one happens to be the current month!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New case for my camera. I take it along a lot more these days, and it needed protection. This case has a hard shell and magnetic closure. And it was only $3 at DD's Discount, home of bargains galore! Good buy because though I could make a functional substitute, the price here was so low, it makes sense to grab it and use my time on other wondrous pursuits.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Found this site that is right up my alley!!!

So much cool stuff, I'm flabbergasted! WOO-HOO for the Dollar Store!!!!