Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thrift Store Quilt Swap

I just finished this tote for a swap. The deal was to buy a thrift store shirt with 5 or more colors and transform it into something quilted. I loved the giant burnt orange flowers on this fabric, and the shirt was only $1! For the trim, I used fabric from a blouse I made two years ago. It never fit right, thus was worn once only, so I cut it up. The fabric from that blouse came from, you guessed it, my Fairy Craftmother Landa. Beautiful fabric, too nice to have no future hanging in my closet as a reject blouse.  Instead of batting, I used part of the sweatshirt I bought to make the cat hoodie. For the handles I used blue webbing from an old tote bag covered with fabric.  The trim arose from the need to cover seams in the thrift store blouse, so I used the divisions for different quilt patterns. The outline quilting on one panel doesn't read well, though. It was a fun swap, can't wait to see what I get!


  1. Very cute bag! LOVE the orange flowers.

  2. Awesome information on how to make something out of nothing. Highly detailed and pretty great advices. Thanks


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