Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Apartment Sweet Apartment

Took some pics outside toay, and here's where I live!! Doesn't look like a high crime area, does it? But so I read. Anyway, the wreath here was made from flowers from my Fairy Craftmother and a coat hanger. Free, free, totally free, as Monicatz and I love to say.
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Friday, April 24, 2009

Impromptu Hanging Knife Rack

My roomate has bought knives that not only must be hand washed (yuk) but also cannot be stored in the drawer with all my apparently inferior knives, so I came up with this last night when I finally got fed up with seeing them lying atop the kitchen bar. It matches my jeans potholder, and it's pretty funky, so I like it. I may explore this idea further for my Etsy shop. I became obsessed with hanging things on the wall when I lived in my studio apartment in New Orleans; I hung everything from kitchen stuff to my answering machine. I have a little more room here, but my kitchen is still tiny enough to touch the walls standing still, so I do hang all the measuring cups and spoons, bowls, cutting boards, etc.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Latest ATCs

Here are the ATCs made for my latest swap at SwapBot. The category was monoprints, and I had a blast making these. The fleur de lis was of course for New Orleans, the shell because my swap partner likes them, and the house one is what I saw outside. I love the goldfish best, and it was an accident. 
I haven't gotten my partner's monoprints yet, can't wait to see them.

ReVamped Vamp Pocket Mirror

Landa gave me a plastic pocket mirror recently which I remade thusly. I love the red lips. Fabric from my stash: raw silk left over from sewing job, red shiny fabric from pajama bottoms (Landa largesse too), and some cardboard and thread. If I were a girly girl or a vamp, I would love this, but I'm lucky if my pucker gets a bit of Chapstick slapped on. So it's in my Etsy shop.....

Around the house

Here's my new coffee pot vase. This is the second coffee decanter I broke in like ten days, so now it holds some fake plants. Real ones get depressed around me, for some reason. Anyway, it's sits on a mat made from a paint rag cut up and pieced together. The picture below doesn't relate to making stuff, aside from the yummy cheesecake pie, but I love the fork. The garbage disposal turned it into a "Live Long and Prosper" fork, now my favorite eating utensil.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Great Cat Hoodie

Here's the hoodie I made for a girl through the Alchemy section at Etsy. It was so much fun to make, and the story of her huge clothes-wearing cats was hilarious. The picture I saw showed one cat in a cowboy outfit complete with bandana, bolo tie, and Stetson. (okay, it wasn't a Stetson, but I wanted to paint a picture). Shown is a dummy cat I had to make since Pnut was not into being a fit model. Three hours of under bed hiding after a few measurements!! Harrumph!

Here's Pnut being swallowed by the hoodie. She is being held down against her will.