Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ReVamped Vamp Pocket Mirror

Landa gave me a plastic pocket mirror recently which I remade thusly. I love the red lips. Fabric from my stash: raw silk left over from sewing job, red shiny fabric from pajama bottoms (Landa largesse too), and some cardboard and thread. If I were a girly girl or a vamp, I would love this, but I'm lucky if my pucker gets a bit of Chapstick slapped on. So it's in my Etsy shop.....


  1. Hi! HEre from Swap-bot :) this is beautiful! Really cool little shape and display. I seem to collect little mirrors, they come in so many different shapes and sizes. Thanks for linking me up! T. x (sewgorgeous)

  2. Thanks, this one was fun to make. I am semi-obsessesed with mirrors, not to look into them at ME, but transforming them....

  3. Good advice on how to make something out of nothing. Really detailed and very excellent recommendations. Many thanks


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