Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Biggest Bargain Ever

I found 2009 calendars at WalMart marked down to five cents each. I bought 17 calendars, fodder for all kinds of future projects. Come back to see what becomes of these gems!!

I hung three of them next to my Katrina Quilt, the months were chosen because the red in the pics looks good next to my quilt, but one happens to be the current month!


  1. Hey Susan,
    LOVE your denim knife hanging storage...very cool.
    Your work is very funky!!
    Also love your apartment its cute. :)
    Sharryn - Swap bot

  2. Hi. This is spirit from swap bot. Enjoyed your blog!

  3. Hello - another swapbotter here! Loved the mirror case....very funky. Excellent blog.

  4. Thanks for the nice compliments. Love to hear from my peeps!

  5. That was a good support, thanks a lot, now to make something out of nothing is quick with your help. Thank you


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