Monday, March 2, 2009

Current project, and a cat litter tip

My latest projecy is directly from a Craftstylish tutorial:

I didn't have a crochet hook, so I'm doing it the way I used to make tailor tacks in the alteration shop, it's basically the same chain stitch done with your fingers instead of a hook. I made some mistakes in the beginning, particularly forgetting to stretch the strips before chaining, it makes a big difference. And it's another thing I can take on the bus with me...reading makes me sick! I plan to use multicolored tees, probably with random placement. The thing I love about this project is there is no perfection's very forgiving.

So here's the cat litter tip: For years, I have been using shredded newspaper instead of litter. It works so well for me - it's free, the odor problem is much diminished, and I don't have the dreaded litter tracked all over my carpet. I had real problems with getting the litter out of the carpet, and even a covered box didn't help. I'm sure it's better on the recycling front than cat litter, as well.....

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