Wednesday, March 25, 2009

These are ATCs I made for an online swap. If the idea of swapping anything appeals to you, they have everything from recipes to you name it, check out I am currently obsessed with it, I've done several email survey swaps, which is a lot of fun, but not for everybody; other people have jobs and kids and not as much time to fill as I! Aside from this ATC swap, I did a candy bar swap, see the Australian candy I got below, and am currently in swaps for kitty stuff, dollar store Easter stuff (love it! an excuse to go to the dollar store!!), potholders (right up my alley, see post of 3/19/09), and mono prints. So much fun! I love waiting for my swaps to come in the mail, I'm so much like a kid.

Now about the ATCs. They were for a movie quote themed swap, and I chose what I thought the recipients might like, based on their profiles. The Sabrina card features some gold paper from a Godiva shopping bag, moon and star shapes cut from Halloween themed fabric from Landa, a crescent moon print made from a wooden cutout plundered from a Halloween themed something (again from Landa), scraps of netting and fabric, and some gold paint. All free, free, totally free. Not really, I did at some point buy the paint and thread. So I'll say made for practically nothing.The recipient loved it, I included the bracelet below and some tiny pieces that I called imaginary maps made from dried paint peeled off an old palette (wish I had taken a pic) that she said she will frame!! How awesome to hear that about your work, and I use that word very sparingly, not thrown around at the drop of a hat like they do now!
The Mame card is a cheater, I printed a black and white illustration from the web then painted over it. It was fast, and I was on deadline. I like it as well, but have not heard from the recipient, she has limited Internet access and lives in Brazil, I think she must have gotten it by now, but has not had a chance to check in. For extras in her package, I sent some articles and illustrations from a beading magazine, and stickers for her kids. I want to earn hearts, you see. I love the feedback, and the good feeling that comes when what you share is appreciated....
I am so proud, I finally figured out how to make the pictures go where I want them. Woo-Hoo!!!


  1. I had no idea that polly waffles were Australian! I adore cherry ripes though!

    via swap-bot :-)

  2. That cherry ripe was savored ever so slowly...YUM!

  3. Tell me about the placing pictures trick...LOL

  4. Ha! I still make them disappear half the time.

  5. Thanks a ton it was a good support, now to make something out of nothing is easy utilizing your recommendation. Kudos


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