Saturday, June 6, 2009

What's Black And White And Red All Over?

My Fairy CraftMother Landa gave me a giant roll of laminating plastic that was in the trash at her job. I tried laminating things with an iron, and it works perfectly if one is careful. I laminated once with the steam accidently on, and it made a pretty cool effect with moisture bubbles trapped between the two layers. So far, I've laminated a feather, a shake-n-bake box and magazine covers.

This butterfly I made from lamination samples and nail polish.  I really like the enamel effect you can get from dollar store nail polish. It's a little extra I included in a  swap recently. The underside is painted bronze and yellow, I think. Forgot to snap the other side, oops. I just cut some slits in the body of the butterfly for the wings and antennae, which have tabs corresponding to the slits. I found a paint pen at Office Depot for a buck, and I love that thing. Used it to draw around the edge of each antenna. This was fun to make, I'm thinking I'll laminate some sheer fabric to make more. 

Next time I'll show my dollar store glasses transformed with dollar store nail polish...if you eat all your broccoli, that is.


  1. that's such a great idea...laminating with an iron!!! why isn't everyone doing it?! :D

  2. Thanks a ton it has been a good guide, now to make something out of nothing is very easy by using your recommendation. Kudos


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