Monday, August 10, 2009

Indoor Fireworks

Here's a PC I made for a swap, and I am totally in love with it. (Sniff, sniff, goodbye sweet postcard!) The swap was "Receive Your Own Postcard" and the idea was to make a PC from materials sent to you from your partner. Well, Russ sent me SO MUCH great stuff, I was overwhelmed, and for about a month, I just looked through it over and over. This effort came from a combination of a calendar cutout of fireworks, the red/white paper and some of the card stock I got, and an EC song. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a response, I hope it's well received. I have a huge amount of all kinds of supplies left, so I will be making more. It was most definitely an inspiring swap, so much fun.

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  1. The swaps that are the hardest to part with are the best to receive on the other end. Way too cool.


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