Saturday, August 8, 2009

Last Night's Efforts

Okie Dokie, here are the PCs I did last night. I'm currently too exhausted to try and make the pics go where I want them, so I'm going with what I've got. The top left pic is a detail from the card to the right of it. This was my go at a lesbian-themed piece (my partner listed these in her likes), and I hope it's not insulting. (I dunno.) Two random magazine images, the 'woman controller' is from a holiday advert, the boots from some fashion mag, and presto, together they are a humorous PC. To the right of that one is a print of my Warrior Cat drawing. And lastly, the yellow one is another Amelie tribute. I printed the pic out, used two kinds of nail polish on the rabbit in the clouds, a little sparkly nail polish on the girl's hair, and sealed it all under a coat of clear nail polish. Ta-da.

I just don't know why every idea must percolate for so long before I'm able to enjoy that first first cup of creativity...


  1. These are really great! I love the rawness behind the first one and the kind of tongue in cheek whimsy of the second one!

    withlovemeg from swapbot

  2. Very creative. You did a fabulous job. It really shows that you put some effort into your swaps.

  3. Thanks for the great comments, I'm loving this swap!


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