Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Carnival Time

Happy Mardi Gras everyone!! Here in Dallas it's just another Tuesday, but my spirit longs for the days when I walked out of my door on Tchoupitoulas Street at 8am on Carnival Day and being greeted with all of humanity dressed up and partying outside my front door. The truck parades lined up there, and my mother and sister lived within two blocks of us,this was back in the eighties. My mother always had an open house with her home made hot tamales and gumbo, it was always very mellow except every year one person would make an ass of themselves. Not always the same person, but you could count on some one to make the day. I won't say if that was ever me!

Here's my Mardi Gras earrings and necklace, made from the dollar store necklace beads and paper clips.

Throw me something, mister!

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  1. Thanks it has been a good help, now to make something out of nothing is definitely simple with the help of your guidance. Thank you


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