Monday, February 16, 2009

Deconstructed Earrings

Today I'm showing you how I made use of a portion of the dollar store earrings from the Feb. 10 post about what I spend actual cash for. I used the outside silver hollow hearts from said earrings, combined with another red pair I was getting tired of wearing. Those red earrings were recycled from a thrift store, I think, they used to have a horrible pattern on them until I painted them red. I added some chain links from an old broken bracelet, and wore them for probably at least a year. Now, ta da, new earrings! I painted the silver heart with clear nail polish since it was such a cheap, I mean inexpensive, ornament in the first place.

Have a swell day, and remember Mardi Gras is Tuesday! Throw me something, mister!!!

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  1. That was a great guide, thanks a lot, now to make something out of nothing is simple with your tips. Kudos


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