Monday, February 16, 2009

Oven Mitts and Pot Holders

There was a lot of excitement in my kitchen the other night. I accidentally left a Pyrex pan on high , and when I saw it I tossed it onto the counter where a damp dishtowel was. The pan EXPLODED. Some pieces flew almost four feet and blew a hanging mesh basket off it's hook. Good thing only beer huggies were in there, or I might have been injured by potato shrapnel.

Of course, the contents of the pots on the stove had to be thrown out so as not to poison my roommate with ground glass. Luckily, I had chicken stock in the freezer so I did eventually finish the corn bread dressing I was making. Because I don't throw anything away, I had stock from wing tips and necks, very handy freezer item.

So in honor of the detonating Pyrex pan, here's my kitchen related post. All my kitchen gear came from Landa's largess when I moved into my apartment in 2005. My oven mitts and pot holders finally wore out, so I reupholstered them. Then I had an idea to make a t-shirt and jeans pot holder/mitt set. So there.

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