Monday, February 9, 2009

Here's My Deal

I've been making something out of nothing as long as I can remember, and that's a good thing; since 1999 I have been on a miniscule fixed income and art supplies are a long way down the list after important things like DSL and food. I am ever so lucky to have a dear friend who is downsizing, and lately she brings me loads of goodies to transform. Also havings so little ready cash has forced me into things like making my own shoe lifts--one leg is longer than the other--because the shoe shop charged $60 for one pair. And although I am not a shoe nut, I did want a few choices in footwear. So I learned how to do it myself with things like Shoe Goo, the bottoms of flip flops, epoxy, and in a pinch, hot glue.

Another example of making something out of nothing happened while I was a live-in Mother'a Helperfor a 6 children family. One of the younger boys, Ethan, wanted to made a dream catcher. I cut the center out of a margarine lid, poked holes around it, and strung embroidery thread every which way across it. Then we raided his sisters bead collection for decorations, and went to town. Ethan was very happy and always had sweet dreams.

So that's how I roll, making stuff wise.

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  1. Thank you it is a wonderful help, now to make something out of nothing is simple with your recommendation. Thank you


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